Poesia In English

Established in 2010, Poesia is an independent and co-operative publisher based in Helsinki, Finland.

We focus mainly on contemporary Finnish poetry but our catalogue also includes translations, experimental prose, essays, literary criticism, and works that fall between genres. Poesia holds a special place in Finland as the home of ambitious and thoughtful literature.

Poesia co-operative is a community of poets and other professionals of literature and book design. Much emphasis is given to editing as a thorough, horizontal dialogue. Members of the co-operative often work in multiple roles as poets, editors, publishers, printers and designers, thus sharing valuable perspectives and skills.

A combination of old and new printing techniques – including a Heidelberg letterpress machine from the 1950’s – allows us to give our books a lifespan beyond a single season. Vast majority of our poetry titles are also freely available as ebooks after an initial waiting period of six months.

Our books have received numerous prestigious literary prizes along the years. In 2014, Poesia was granted the State Award for Literature for work for poetry and other marginal genres of literature.

* * *

For any enquiries about translation rights or proposals for co-operation, please contact us at info@poesia.fi.